Immerse yourself in the world of HUMAN x GOBYM with our exclusive collaboration.

Each bag becomes a living painting, a work of art that accompanies you in your daily life, recalling the beauty and depth of the paintings of the artist GOBYM.

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GOBYM The artist

Since my childhood, the passion for painting has driven me, awakening from the moment I was able to hold a pencil in my hands. My artistic journey has constantly evolved, first directing me towards realism before embracing a subtle fusion between the abstract and the figurative.

My works are a mosaic of faces, each carrying a distinct meaning and special importance. These diverse faces weave together a harmonious and coherent web, where everyday objects and living expressions mingle, creating a visual symphony that awakens the senses through vibrant and captivating color choices.

Each scene I shape is much more than just a performance; it is a celebration of life, a crucial component of my creative process. I invite you to immerse yourself in the unique universe of my art, where each canvas is a window open to a world of passion and inspiration.

Discover the richness and depth of my artistic universe on Instagram @GOBYM_ .

The HUMAN x GOBYM collaboration is limited.

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